How Much Are The Tips On Royal Caribbean

Are you about to travel on the Royal Caribbean ⁤cruise?‍ Have you ever ‌wondered about how much the⁣ tips are? Well, ⁢now you can plan your vacation budget by learning exactly how much ⁣the tips on Royal Caribbean are. Whether ‌you’re a⁢ first-time cruiser⁢ or a loyal guest,⁣ it’s ​important to understand how much you should⁤ plan and budget for ​tipping⁣ onboard your ‌Royal Caribbean‍ cruise. This article will provide you with all the​ information you need​ to know about tips⁣ on Royal Caribbean cruises. Here, we’ll discuss the expected amount you should allow and plan to tip ⁢the‍ bartenders, cabin stewards, ⁢and servers. So, if you’re looking to know the answer to the question‌ “How Much Are the Tips On Royal Caribbean?”, you’ve come​ to the right place. Travel and cruise planning, Royal Caribbean trip tips, and Royal Caribbean tipping guide can‍ all ⁣be part of your next Royal ​Caribbean cruise vacation.

1. Tips on Royal Caribbean: How Much is Expected?

Royal Caribbean has an expansive range of ⁤onboard activities and tours,⁣ so ⁣it‍ can ⁤be difficult to know‍ how much is⁤ expected for each one. Here​ are some tips ⁣to keep in mind:

  • Budget: ⁣Decide how⁣ much you want to⁣ spend in total, and how you’d like to divide it out. From onboard food and drinks to excursions, think‌ about‌ how much you ⁣want to splurge.
  • Time: How much time ‍do you want to spend ‌on each activity? Will it be a short ⁣tour? Long day spent ⁣in ⁢a port? A quick show? Plan accordingly.

The amount you’ll want to spend and‍ the time you’ll experience depend on ‌your personal style. Some people like more upscale experiences, while some prefer just a few ⁣select activities. Don’t feel like you need to do⁣ it all- focus on what truly interests you.

  • Priority: Evaluate each activity’s priority and decide​ what works ⁣best for you. If ‌you’re pressed for time, ⁢you may need​ to opt for ⁣a shorter experience⁤ to attend the one(s) you want.
  • Research: ​ Check out‍ reviews and take other people’s⁢ perspectives into account. While your feelings ⁣take priority, hearing from others can help ⁣direct your‍ choices.

When it comes to gratuities, it's important to remember​ that tips are a way of saying “thank you” to service personnel. And while the exact amount of the tip⁤ is up to you, there are some general guidelines to help you decide. Here's what you should know about recommended gratuities.

Restaurant Tips: Restaurants typically expect tips of 15 ​to⁣ 20 percent of the ⁢total bill. This⁤ number can increase if you have a party of six or⁢ more people,‍ and you should⁢ also leave a ‍larger gratuity if your ⁢server was especially generous or friendly.

  • Waiters – 15-20% of bill
  • Bartenders -⁣ 15-20% of bill
  • Hosts/maître d' – no tip; $5-10 if they ⁢do‌ a special favor
  • Food⁢ Delivery‍ – $3-5; $5-10 for ⁣difficult orders

Hotel Tips: Unless otherwise noted⁢ on your bill, ‌it’s customary to tip hotel employees a ⁢dollar ⁢or two for each service. That includes housekeeping, bell⁤ staff, ​door attendants, valets, and the concierge. It’s also common to ⁣tip the shuttle driver ⁢a few dollars, depending on the ​distance and duration of the ride.

  • Housekeeping – $2-3/day ‌
  • Bellhop ⁣- $2-4 per bag
  • Concierge -‍ $5-10 per request
  • Valet – $2-5 when car is returned
  • Shuttle driver – $5-10

3. Making the Most Out of a Royal Caribbean Cruise

Are you​ ready to take your cruise with ‌Royal Caribbean? Whether you're sailing the Caribbean or some other part of the world,‍ a Royal Caribbean​ cruise is an experience you won't forget. ​Here are some tips to make the most out of your cruise:

  • Take Advantage‌ of Dining options: Royal Caribbean is renowned in the cruise line‍ industry for the ​variety of⁤ top-notch dining ‍options available on its ‍ships. From‍ unique eateries and ⁣world-class chefs to buffets and ⁤casual dining experiences, ‌there is something to‌ please all passengers. Don't hesitate to try​ something new.
  • Attend Entertainment Shows: Enjoy a⁤ variety of live performances, including Broadway musicals, aqua shows, laser shows, ice skating, comedy shows, and more. See something different each night and be sure to really enjoy the experience.
  • Choose Specialty Cruises: ⁣If ⁢you're ​looking for a more customized experience, Royal Caribbean offers a⁤ variety of‌ specialty ‌cruises such as romantic getaways, self-improvement journeys,​ spa voyages,⁣ and even culinary ⁢explorations. Choose‌ the one that best​ fits your ‍interests and take full advantage of everything ‍it has to offer.
  • Participate in Shore Excursions: When you visit port towns on your⁢ Royal Caribbean cruise, make sure ‌to take ⁣advantage of the shore ‍excursions. ⁣There are plenty of​ amazing activities to do in each​ location, from beach bumming to‌ exploring historical monuments.⁤ From adrenaline-filled hikes to adventurous ATV rides, there is something for everyone.

By taking ​advantage of these tips, ⁢you can⁤ make the most out of‍ your ⁢Royal Caribbean cruise and have the adventure of a lifetime.

4. A Guide‍ To Understanding‍ Royal Caribbean Tip⁣ Guidelines

Are you a first-time cruiser looking for a better understanding of Royal Caribbean tipping guidelines? It's sometimes⁢ difficult to know ⁣what to do when it comes to gratuities. Here's a quick guide to all you need ‌to know:

Tipping Rules

  • Gratuities are pre-set at $15.50 per head ‍for a cruise ‌of⁤ 6 nights or more.
  • Gratuities ​are pre-set at $13.95 per head for a cruise of 3 – 5 nights.
  • Cabin service is pre-set at $9.50 per night, per guest.
  • Gratuities for children aged 3 – 17 are discounted⁣ to 50%.

Gratuities are typically added as⁣ an item to your cruise bill at the end of the trip, so they won't be charged up​ front. That⁤ aside,⁣ tips⁤ are an important part of⁣ cruise​ etiquette – your ​crew work hard‌ to make sure you have a great experience,‍ so you should feel​ free to tip above and beyond the pre-set guidelines. Alternatively, if you're not ‍happy with the ​service received,⁢ you can ‌contact ​Royal Caribbean's Guest Relations on the day ‌of your voyage to ⁣discuss ‍alternatives.


Q.​ How much are the tips on a ⁢Royal Caribbean ⁢cruise?

A. Tips are‍ not mandatory for Royal Caribbean cruises but are very much⁣ appreciated. The recommended amount is $15 per person‌ per day for housekeeping​ and $11.50 per person per day to the dining room staff. This total for two people for 7-nights would⁤ be $231. It's important ⁢to be aware⁤ of tipping on Royal⁤ Caribbean, ​especially if you are planning a vacation ‍or ‌a getaway. While there is no set rate for gratuities, it's something you should consider in your budgeting. Creating a FREE LogMeOnce account with their Identity ⁣Theft Protection and Dark Web Monitoring can help you be proactive about your protection before, during,​ and after your cruise. To start your journey towards a ⁢more secure future, visit‍ and make sure⁣ to include gratuities in your budget planning for your next Royal Caribbean‍ getaway!
If you plan to go on a Royal Caribbean cruise, you may be wondering how much you should tip. As one of the most popular cruise lines, Royal Caribbean offers travelers the ultimate vacation experience. With its lively atmosphere, luxurious on-board amenities, and exceptional customer service, Royal Caribbean cruises are known for giving guests a truly memorable experience. But how much should you tip your staff members for their hard work?

When it comes to tipping on a Royal Caribbean cruise, the general rule is to tip $13 to $15 per day for each passenger in the stateroom. This includes gratuity for any staff members who provide service to you during your cruise, such as your cabin steward, restaurant staff, and bar staff. Of course, you can always tip more or less, depending on the level of service you receive. However, the average tip for a Royal Caribbean cruise provides a good guideline.

In addition to the standard tips, there are other gratuities you should give for noteworthy service. For example, if you receive exceptional service from your waiter at a restaurant or bar, you can give them an extra tip. Also, tip pool members (waiters, bartenders, bussers, etc.) typically share their tips, so giving a few extra dollars to them can help them out as well.

Finally, if you receive exceptional service from someone who does not normally receive tips, such as a specific tour guide or stateroom attendant, you can reward them with a cash gratuity. This will show your gratitude for their hard work and help them continue giving their guests the best possible service.

To summarize, tipping on a Royal Caribbean cruise typically ranges from $13 to $15 per day for each passenger in the stateroom. However, you can give extra tips to staff members who provide you with exceptional service. After all, tipping your onboard staff is a great way to show your appreciation for the hard work they put in to ensure you have an unforgettable cruise.

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