How Much To Tip On A Cruise

Going on a cruise is a treat for many people, but it also brings up the question of how much to tip. A good tip can make all the difference in your experience, from the food to the accommodation. Planning ahead for tipping on a cruise is important, but it can also be intimidating. This article will provide a guide for understanding how much to tip on a cruise, including tips for the waiters, housekeeping, room service, bartenders, and so on. Cruisers of all budgets must take the time to research cruise tipping etiquette, so they can be sure to follow the rules and ensure the best possible cruise experience. After all, cruise ships are designed to give passengers a luxurious and stress-free holiday, and the right tip can make a huge difference.

1. What Is the Proper Amount to Tip On A Cruise?

The Set Standard
Cruise employees typically follow a set standard for tipping on a typical cruise. A standard rule of thumb is to give $10-$12 per person, per day in your party. For example, for a family of four, it is expected to pay between $40 and $48 each day for the staff. This can normally be given to the staff in bundle at the end of the voyage.

Adjustments Can Be Made
Depending on the level of service provided and your overall satisfaction with the staff, you may consider increasing the amount of your tip. You can also adjust the amount of the tip if the room attendants provided special services like extra towel animals or frequent delivering of towel packs. Of course, if a member of the staff had an exemplary attitude and went beyond their duties, then feel free to reward them with an added tip. Unnumbered list – Final Tipping Tips:

  • Keep a budget of a certain amount in mind while cruising. Most ships advertise you the amount to expect for tipping.
  • Show your appreciation for the staff by giving them plenty of smiles and thank you’s.
  • Tips should not be left in cash due to safety precautions; therefore remember to utilize the cruise ship’s options for alternative tipping.

2. Why Is Tipping on a Cruise Different Than Any Other Vacation?

On a cruise vacation, the custom of tipping adds an additional cost to consider. Tipping on a cruise ranges from restaurant staff to housekeeping, and the guidelines can be confusing compared to the usual tipping practices on land. Here are some helpful tips on why the tipping protocol might be different.

  • Customized Service: Cruises usually offer a level of customer service that isn’t always found in other vacation settings. A butler may be assigned to attend to you, room service may be available, and waiters in the dining room often learn your name and tastes.
  • Personalized Attention: Housekeeping staff is often around when you return to your cabin to help with unpacking or suitcases. The cabin steward may bring items you didn’t even think of, like chocolates and extra towels. Deck hands or stewards are constantly servicing or tidying up areas.

These types of services all expect some type of payment in the form of tips. Further, the cruise lines recognize these specialized services and may collect tips in advance or even offer pre-paid tipping options. Different cruise lines may have different tipping recommendations.

3. How to Decide How Much to Tip On a Cruise

Plan Ahead

It’s a good idea to plan how much you’ll tip onboard before you even set sail. Many cruise lines give options to pre-pay gratuity on their websites. Consider how much discretionary money you want to set aside for tips during your cruise.

Gratuity Guidelines

Cruise lines often provide suggested gratuity guidelines that can help you decide how much to tip. These usually range from $10 to $15 per day for your cabin steward and waiter plus added amounts for specialty services. Here’s a general guide on how much you might want to tip:

  • Room Attendants: $1-$3 per person, per day
  • Waiters: $2 – $5 per person, per day
  • Maitre D: $3 – $10, once during the cruise
  • Bartenders: $1 – $2 per drink
  • Specialty Services: $10 – $20

However, there are no strict rules; you can always tip more or less, depending on your experience. Gratuities are often pooled to divvy up among the crew, so even small contributions make a difference.

4. Tips for Ensuring a Memorable Cruise Experience

1. Connect with the Local Culture:
The best way to get the most out of your cruise is to take the time and truly experience the destination. Connect with the culture there and learn a little more about it. Indulge yourself in the local delicacies, take some fun photos and meet the locals. This is sure to make for an unforgettable experience whenever you visit.

2. Participate in Onboard Activities:
Cruises feature a broad range of exciting activities onboard. From helpful classes like cooking or tango lessons to other activities like snorkeling or zip-lining, there is something for everyone. Participate in a few of these activities and learn something new while having a blast!

3. Take in the Scenery:
Cruising gives you access to some of the most majestic sights ever. Whether it be some snow-capped mountain peaks or the wild ocean, be sure to take a walk on the deck and observe these amazing sights. Don’t forget to take pictures of all these beautiful landscapes!

4. Indulge in the Food:
Apart from the local cuisine, cruise ships feature some of the finest cuisine from around the world. Take some time to explore the different restaurants to see what strikes your fancy. So why not try a few of these bars and restaurants and savor the flavors of the world?


Q: How much should I tip on a cruise?
A: When you're on a cruise, it's important to show your appreciation for the hard work of the crew members. Tipping is a great way to do this. Most cruise lines recommend tipping around $10-15 per person, per day of your cruise. This adds up to around $140-$210 for a two-week cruise. Don't forget to tip any extras, like a masseuse, bartender, or especially your cabin steward who keeps your room clean and tidy. Making sure that all of your financial information is well-managed and secure is essential when taking a cruise. Create a FREE LogMeOnce account to ensure that your personal identitand credit card information is protected from identity theft and monitored on the dark web. LogMeOnce offers you the assurance that you'll be all set for your next cruise and be sure of exactly how much to tip! Protecting your ID and understanding the tipping etiquette on a cruise is a breeze with
Cruising is a great way to travel, providing a fun-filled, stress-free trip aided by helpful staff and stunning scenery. One of the details you will want to consider is how much to tip on a cruise.

No matter who your vacation is with, or where your ship is headed, tipping the crew is a customary and effective way to show your appreciation for their hard work. Most cruise lines include a gratuity package within the cost of your trip; the amount may vary depending upon the cruise line and type of package you’ve chosen. However, many cruisers choose to further reward the crew with additional tips throughout their journey.

On most voyages, you should consider tipping about two to three dollars per day per person. This amount should be given to your cabin steward in an envelope at the end of the cruise. To include an additional tip, you have several options. You may tip the same amount as you did for the cabin steward, or give a slightly larger amount, such as four to five dollars per person, per day. For wait staff in the main dining room, you may choose to leave one or two dollars each day, per person.

In addition to your day-to-day tips, you may choose to offer larger, single tips on a few special occasions. You may want to consider giving a larger tip when your ship hosts a fancy dinner or special event, or for exemplary service that has gone above and beyond the ordinary.

Finally, tipping the cruise director can be done with a single, generous tip at the end of the voyage. If there is a separate excursion director, this individual may also be worthy of a single tip at the end of the voyage.

When the cruise is over, take the time to consider the quality of service on your voyage. Then, you can determined the appropriate tip for the crew. Your generosity will be greatly appreciated by everyone.

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