How To Add Phishing Button In Outlook

Are you looking to learn the steps for How To Add Phishing Button In Outlook? It can be quite tricky, but fear not, with a little bit of guidance, you will soon master the skills required. This easy-to-follow tutorial offers comprehensive instruction on adding a phishing button to Outlook, providing the tools and tricks needed to stay secure online. Whether you are new to Outlook or an experienced user, by the end of this guide, you will know how to add a phishing button and keep your account safe and secure. With the right techniques, you can protect your information and sail smoothly through the world of Outlook.

1. Adding a Phishing Button to Outlook: A Step-by-Step Guide

1. Adding a Phishing Button to Outlook – A Step-by-Step Guide

Phishing is one of the most common security threats your email account will face. You can protect your Outlook account against malicious activities by adding a phishing button. Here is a detailed guide for it:

  • Open your Outlook app and go to the settings
  • Choose “Accounts” and select “Show Advanced Settings”
  • In “Advanced Setting” menu, scroll down and select “Phishing”
  • Turn on the “Enable Messaging Phishing Protection” option
  • Click “OK” to confirm settings

You can also customize the phishing filter by adjusting the intensity level. Depending on the level you choose, Outlook will look for certain patterns in the emails you receive and identify them as possible phishing attempts. This will help prevent your account from being breached.

2. The Benefits of Implementing a Phishing Button in Outlook

Phishing buttons can be incredibly useful for businesses that use Outlook as their primary email service. The button helps identify malicious emails, making it much easier for businesses to protect themselves from cyber criminals. Here are some of :

  • Easy detection: The phishing button helps users easily identify phishing emails. It highlights any suspicious content in red, making it easy to spot potentially dangerous emails.
  • Data protection: The button helps protect your data by warning users when they receive a suspicious email. This can help both individuals and businesses protect against any potential privacy risks.
  • Simple process: The process of implementing a phishing button in Outlook is relatively simply and straightforward. Once it is set up, the button is easy to manage and use.

A phishing button can be a valuable tool for any business using Outlook. It helps to easily identify potentially malicious emails, protect users’ data, and the process is simple. When used properly, the phishing button is a powerful tool for keeping businesses safe from cyber-attacks.

3. How to Set Up a Phishing Button in Outlook

With the right settings, a phishing button can be easily set up in Outlook. You need to know the type of server that will be accepting incoming emails and how your SMTP settings need to be configured. Listed below are the steps to set up a phishing button:

  • Access the Microsoft Outlook email account you want to add the phishing button.
  • Navigate to the ribbon in the top-right corner and click on “Options.”
  • Select the “Services” tab, then click “Add.”
  • Choose “Protocol” and click “Properties.”

Once you’ve selected the protocol, you’ll need to enter your SMTP server address, username, and password. Enter the requested information and set the security level to “SSL”. Click on the “Advanced” tab to set the port number to “587” for secure SMTP. Once you’ve set the encryption type to TLS and the authentication methods to “Normal Password” click “OK.” Finally, click the “Remember password” button, and the phishing button is ready to use.

4. Why It's Important to Have a Phishing Button in Outlook

Phishing protection in Outlook is essential to ensure your digital security. Phishing is a type of malicious attack which targets users to gain access to sensitive information such as passwords, bank accounts and credit card numbers. Having an Outlook phishing button means your emails are secure and won’t be intercepted by cybercriminals.

Here are some reasons why it’s important to have a phishing button in Outlook:

  • Alerts users if a malicious attack or suspicious link is detected
  • Allows users to be proactive and stay one step ahead of potential threats
  • Prevents further damage by stopping the malicious content
  • Gives users more peace of mind when managing their accounts online

Outlook phishing protection also allows you to set up filters to block unwanted emails. This keeps malicious content from reaching your inbox, protecting you and any sensitive information you may have stored in Outlook. It’s crucial to have a phishing button in Outlook as it will help protect yourself and your data from malicious attacks.


Q1: What is a phishing button?
A1: A phishing button is a type of button used to protect against malicious emails. It helps you identify if an email is real or fraudulent.

Q2: How can I add a phishing button in Outlook?
A2: Adding a phishing button in Outlook is easy! First, open Outlook and go to the options menu. Then, go to the Security tab and click on Add Phishing Button. Finally, enter the details of the phishing button and press OK.

Q3: How does the phishing button help Outlook users?
A3: The phishing button helps Outlook users identify potentially dangerous emails, which can protect them from fraud or malicious activities. Additionally, it can also aid in detecting scam emails that could contain malicious attachments or contain links to malicious websites. As an extra security measure, you may want to consider creating a FREE LogMeOnce account with Identity Theft Protection and Dark Web Monitoring. LogMeOnce provides an easy-to-use platform that offers protection against cyber criminals when adding a phishing button to Outlook. By visiting, users can enjoy the benefit of being able to monitor their account for phishing scam attempts and other malicious activities relating to “How To Add Phishing Button In Outlook”. LogMeOnce also offers advanced protection with up-to-date alerts and notifications against cybercrime and online fraud. LogMeOnce is the perfect way to protect yourself from online threats when adding a phishing button in Outlook.
Phishing is one of the most common types of online fraud and identity theft. Microsoft Outlook is the most widely-used email client in the world and it can be difficult to protect from phishing schemes. Fortunately, Microsoft has provided a way to add a phishing button to Outlook to help protect users from these types of scams.

Adding the button to Outlook is a simple process. The first step is to open Outlook and select the “Home” ribbon at the top. From there, click on the “Junk” option and then click on the check box next to “Home Page and Mail Options”. This will display the option to add a phishing button.

Check the box and click “OK”. The button will now appear on the Outlook toolbar in both the mail and home page view. When clicked, this button will display a popup window with a range of options. This includes viewing the latest reported scams and the ability to report a suspected scam to Microsoft directly.

By adding this button to Outlook, users will be able to quickly see if the emails they receive are a potential threat and take action before any harm is done. It also offers a way to increase user awareness by providing education on how to spot a phishing scam in their inbox.

Using this button is a great way to help protect yourself and your computer from potential malicious activities. It gives you access to the right tools to make sure your personal information and emails stay secure from phishing attempts. With a few simple steps, the phishing button in Outlook can help to keep users safe and secure online.

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